CBD And The Wild West Of Labeling Their Products

CBD And The Wild West Of Labeling Their Products

It’s a perfect storm in label terms for labeling a small container with lots of information. Add to that, no real regulations for labeling and using basic guidelines. Then there is all the variable information that each batch of a specific CBD is made from and to be kept track of. Color label printers help with color coding and label readability, and their resolution great for text to be read at 2-3 point font sizes. Ask us about labeling in such an environment with our VP750!

Amount of CBD in Milligrams
– 250/500/750/1000mg are typical amounts

Bottle Size
– .5 oz (15ml) – 1 oz (30ml) – 3.38 oz (100 ml)

Serving Size
– Size of the dropper indicated and verifies the amount of CBD in container.

Batch Number on CBD Oil Labels
– Trace the oils back to the batch they were made from for quality assurance

Ingredients List on CBD Oil Labels
– CBD or hemp extract will be listed in sequence with the other ingredients. Other ingredients shown may be the carrier oils, any beneficial herbs, artificial coloring, sweeteners and flavors.

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate
– Isolate is pure CBD, the spectrums are wider range of cannabinoids (Broad is no THC)

While the industry is currently unregulated, there are certain labeling standards  that are consistent among reputable brands. They need the label printer for their labels.

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