VIPColor Special Announcement!

VIPColor Special Announcement!

Introducing the VP650: the Ultimate Color Label Printer in Performance and Price!

Combining the improved water-resistance of the VP750 and the competitive pricing of the VP600, the VP650 is the go-to printer that can scale along with any growing business! The VP650 will debut in Europe in March 2020, and in the US and Asia in June 2020.

“Our customers love the print quality and improved water-resistant ink of our VP750 color label printer. We heard the market’s feedback on their needs for the same technology at a more competitive price,” said Edward Ng, Marketing Director, VIPColor Technologies. “This led us to develop the VP650 with Memjet Advanced Water Resistant water-based dye ink. Coupled with the field-proven technology of our industrial-grade printers, we successfully developed the ultimate printer that can scale along with any dynamic business needs.”

The VP650 combines both print quality and speed within a compact desktop. It scales well with production needs of up to 10,000 labels in a day[1], enabling businesses to meet urgent and peak demands easily.

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